SQL Drivers

What are SQL drivers?

SQL drivers (or at least SQL Drivers) are bits of code designed to make your project's SQL operations independent of the database vendor.

How do they work?

We've simple created generic functions that work with different database vendors. This method allows you to change database vendors without changing any code.

How do I use them?

When writing your project, simply write your database code using our generic functions (sql_connect(5), sql_query(2), etc.) and include the proper driver. If you change database vendors, all you need to do is include the driver for the new vendor. You can even handle this with a single configuration option. See the download page for instructions on obtaining SQL Drivers code.

There aren't many functions...

Well that's not much of a question, is it? Anyway, the current codebase is aimed for use in smaller, less-advanced projects. But later milestones (probably somewhere around 0.5) will begin including more and more advanced functions. Just keep in mind that we code monkies might not know how to speak certain languages as well as others.